Performing Puppets

Do you remember playing with hand puppets when you were a child? Did your parents purchase a puppet or did your mother show you how to make one?

A puppet can be created on a stick, or one finger of your hand. A sock pocket can be created with a lonely sock which has been left behind by a runaway partner. Or fingers can be folded into a slightly closed fist, draw a set of lips and eyes and it is puppet ready. Add a voice to your character supported by a script to tell a story and the show is now live.

These three simple methods of making puppets have existed and entertained children and adults for many decades. Puppets are fun as they challenge our creativity, imagination, and arts and crafts skills.

What is a puppet?

It is an object made from wood, paper, cloth, saw dust, straw, cotton, and other materials which can be shaped to represent a person, an animal, or an object. The puppeteer brings a puppet to life by moving its flexible parts his or her hand, strings, rods, or mechanical and electronic methods.

Nine Types of Puppets:

  1. Finger – Simple painting on one finger which very young children enjoy.
  2. Sock Barr Tillstrom introduced puppets Kukla, Fran, and Ollie… Then Shari Lewis with Lamb Chop.
  3. Marionette (operated with strings) Ronnie Burkett and his marionettes, and Howdy Doody created by Buffalo Bob Smith.
  4. Ventriloquist: Edgar Bergen and character Charlie McCarthy. World famous today is Jeff Dunham with his latest dummy called Achmed the Terrorist.
  5. Body Puppet: The famous and popular play, The Lion King by Julie Taymor, is a great example of people being in the characters and operating the mechanisms to activate the puppets into action.
  6. Mechanical puppets: The use of small or miniature machines to operate individual parts of the puppet or doll.
  7. Pull string puppet: Dolls and puppets which work by pulling a string. The most popular version of a pull string is baby dolls which speak when the string is pulled. Words like “I love you” are spoken or it could be an animal making sounds or speaking. Pulling strings Moves the mouth, arms, and head.
  8. Rod puppet: A singular rod holds the head or body of the puppet upright or rods may be attached to hands or arms to create movement. The Muppet Show introduced Kermit the frog and Miss Piggy. Sesame Street introduced Cookie Monster.
  9. Shadow puppet: These are shadows of puppets which are created by shining a light onto a clear screen. Children have all experienced shadow puppets. Place your hands in front of a light source and see the shadow images cast against the wall. I bet you never knew these are puppet images.

Most puppet operators are shy individuals, but behind a mask, they are very confident and make excellent entertainers. The mask in this instance is the puppet which is the target for attention and exposure from the audience.

Make Money on the Web – Think Adult Websites, But Proceed With Caution

If you can’t have enough of the hot babes, make money on the web, and start an adult website and rake in oodles of cash. To have a website for adult content is far different from the mainstream sites on the Net, and it carries more responsibilities for the web host. Caution: you’ll have to make it legit, or else you’ll find yourself behind bars.

Enjoy Hot Babes? Know the Laws

To be blunt, adult entertainment reeks with pornography and is fraught with legal restrictions, but it’s where the money is – in the billions in rentals and sales. It’s not a surprise that the revenues from porn businesses exceed the ticket sales of the NBA playoffs. People pay more for porn than popcorn. It’s a smart guy who can swing it and knows how to make more money in the web and offline.

Still interested? Then it is important to comply with all the requirements of 18 U.S.C. 2257, meaning you must present proof that your babes are over 18 years old. They must give their IDs and photos, and keep those documents ready in case there’s that dreaded knock on the door. Extremely lewd photos and videos and hard core porn can also land you in jail; hence, moderation is the rule if you want to stay long in business and make money on the web.

Take a hard look at the existing laws on obscenity, the law of adult entertainment, and of adult websites to help you make the right decisions before you grab your camcorder and film sweet babies in steaming scenes. Ignorance of these laws will put an abrupt end to your efforts to make money on the web.

Make Money on the Web

If you review the websites of porn moguls, you’ll discover a variety of porn genres – college porn, geriatric porn, gay and lesbian porn, multi-racial porn, and kinky sex. You may focus on one genre, or decide to diversify your videos to cater to different tastes. The more your genre offerings, the more money you’ll make.

To start this career path, you may find adult content sponsors. Check these out first for their 2257 compliance. On their homepage, you’ll find the 2257 statement stating that they have complied with Federal requirements and all models were 18 years old or older at the time of the photography. Proof of the models’ ages are on record and available for perusal.

The sponsors will provide content that you can put on your site. Every time a sale is made, a check is mailed to you. However, you cannot advertise your site using regular channels. You’ll have to be creative about the advertising aspect of your business to make money on the web.

Make money on the web from your adult website aided with the experts’ advice. You can find them on the Net. A few more dollars for paid advice and a review of the existing porn laws in the locality can set you up legitimately. Once you’ve started, there’s no turning back.

The Top 4 Tourist Attractions for Adults in the United States

Tourist destinations aren’t just for kids and traveling families. Adults love to see and do just as much as kids. And while traveling to remote islands and other exotic locations may be ideal for travel sometimes, there are also times when adults just want to have some good old-fashioned fun of the mature variety. Here is a list of ideas of adult tourist attractions to consider before your next vacation.

Las Vegas Strip

Everyone knows about Las Vegas. And though the “sin city” is fast becoming a destination for families, it is still one of the most visited places for adults looking to get away. From the gambling in casinos to the live shows of all kinds, there is much to hold the interest of virtually any adult with any type of interest. Another little-known fact about Las Vegas is that there is great food there, too. Some of the best restaurants in the country are featured on the famous Las Vegas Strip, which is another reason to explore the lively city. Also, if you’re interested in venturing out, the Hoover Dam is within an hour driving distance, making for an added bonus excursion to your trip.

Branson, Missouri

If Las Vegas is too much stimuli or too far away, yet live entertainment and gambling sound enticing, you may want to consider traveling to Branson, Missouri. As one of the more mature adult tourist attractions, Branson, Missouri is ripe with live entertainment, particularly featuring mature musical acts such as artists from the 60s, 70s, and even the 80s. Branson is also known for the Titanic Museum and the Hollywood Wax Museum as well, making for a wide variety of entertainment for many adults.

Times Square

One of the most sought out tourist attractions in the entire world is Times Square in New York City. This cornerstone of shopping and entertainment is yet another perfect location for traveling adults, particularly those who are interested in seeing what the state of New York has to offer. Aside from the famous FAO Schwarz store and the flagship Toys ‘R’ Us stores, there is plenty to take in, including visiting nearby studios for MTV, or even traveling to the NBC studios in Rockefeller Plaza and the famous Broadway theater district to see a musical or two.

Universal Studios

Children aren’t the only ones that enjoy the thrills of a rollercoaster ride. Adults like them, too. If you’re the kind of adult that loves the excitement of theme parks and rides, then it’s a must that you go to one of the most visited tourist destinations for people of all ages, Universal Studios. The famous Disney World rival has a reputation for being more adult-friendly than its character-driven counterpart, but don’t let the characters deter you. Universal Studios’ characters are much more adult-friendly and there is much range, including everything from the Simpsons’ characters to X-Men. Then, you can also enjoy all of your favorite childhood treats without ever feeling like you’re out of place.

There are so many options for adults looking to get away for mature attractions. Whether your interests include adult entertainment like gambling and live shows, or you’re interested in bringing out your inner kid, the top destinations that you should consider include the Las Vegas Strip, Branson, Times Square, and Universal Studios. With these highly popular destinations, there’s something in this list for virtually every type of adult.

Here’s A Quick Overview of Adult Merchant Accounts

Any type of internet business will not thrive without a merchant account. This is a tool that makes it possible to collect payment from customers through the internet. In an instant, an entrepreneur could be able to get the money via automatic transfer through his or her bank account. The whole process involves having a good relationship between the merchant and payment processor provider. This is for the purpose of dealing with customer transactions when they use their debit or credit cards. Nowadays people purchase items over the internet through the means of credit card which is becoming a convenient method of payment.

There are online businesses that are considered to be high risk in nature. An example is the one related to adult entertainment. The good news is that there is a high risk merchant account specifically meant for this kind of business. It is actually the same as the standard merchant account but the fees are much higher which could have effect on their profits and return of investments. This is true when the one applying for a merchant account is classified to be a high risk one. Fortunately there are providers that specialize in this kind of account. They offer faster payouts and affordable rates in order to attract businesses that are having problems with processing their adult website transactions.

Aside from adult entertainment service, there are businesses that are termed to be high risk due to the nature and business process. Travel agencies, MLM, bail bonds, pharmacies, online gambling and several other types of businesses are classified as such. Banks and financial institutions are hesitant to offer them merchant account. Some would even charge a much higher fee and draft specific agreements. This is due to the fact that high risk businesses are often prone to fraud, chargeback, and refund. An example of which is that someone may use a stolen credit card to make purchase over the internet.

In the world of adult ecommerce, the risk factor is high because the businesses don’t actually look at the card. All they do is to take orders without verifying identity of the user and as a result the fraud incident increase. For those who will be applying for merchant account, you would need to consider several factors before getting into the contract.

As an advice, you must know your needs from the payment processor. Consider the amount of money that you will be processing from your website. As an operator of the adult site, consider the whole operation so it would be easier to define your requirements. In looking for a payment processor, go for a company with experience in serving the industry. You need to spend time to read and to do research which is a wise way to look for adult payment processor.

After short listing several companies, do an intensive comparison of various payment processors. This would give you an idea which ones are reliable. Investigate on the company and its background when it comes to serving high risk businesses. In long run, it is worth your time and effort as you can find the right one to work with your business.

What You Should Know About Getting an Adult Merchant Account

Compared to traditional ones, an adult merchant account is considerably different. Just like any kind of business out there, adult entertainment industry has specific needs when receiving money online either in a form of credit card, check, and debit card. This business is classified as high risk type which means it is prone to charge backs and fraud related to credit card transactions. For this reason those companies offering credit card processors are not offering accounts to those entrepreneurs in the line of adult entertainment.

Are you planning to open an adult website and earn profit from it? Don’t lose hope because it is now possible. This is due to the fact that adult merchant account is now made available and easy to acquire. There are processing companies that are offering and specializing on high risk industries. As an advice, it is ideal to do research on this matter so you can get more information and of course get the best deal.

In order to choose the right provider, there are things that you have to consider. The first thing to do is assess if they have reasonable fees. Although adult merchant accounts really offer a much higher fee compared to standard ones, it is unacceptable if they charge too much. It is also important to look into the types of payment being offered by the company. Typically adult websites require one time membership or monthly premium. Both should be offered by your high risk merchant account processor.

Security should be part of the consideration. In adult entertainment business, their customers would often want to keep their information private so every transaction should have to be secured. The merchant account provider should guarantee that every customer’s information will never be sold to a third party.